Friday, July 13, 2012

Grunge Revival

Grunge Re√ivaL

The grunge style of the 90's has resurfaced.  However, this grunge revival differs from the original grunge fashion of the 90s. In many ways the grunge revival style is much more girly and sweet rather than the punk style of the 90s.

Grunge Revival in 3 parts


1. LDG- Little Grunge dress.
☯ Lace
☯Floral print
☯ Flowing bottom
☯Not too short!


2. Any type of denim works
▽ Faded Denim is good for the look
▽High waisted denim shorts are very popular
▽Denim jackets 


 3. Plaid can be tricky
 ✂ Over sized plaid shirts with a belt
 ✂ Stay away from bright colors
  A tight fitting plaid shirt can work with black or dark blue skinny jeans

*Doc Martens are a very important part of this style, as well as a good bowler hat. Many elements of grunge revival can be found at Urban Outfitters (, and various youth oriented stores and vintage shops. This is a fun easy style to rock. Just remember not to look too 80s, for that is a very easy thing to do.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fashion Throughout The Ages- 60's

 The 60's
A time stuck between war and peace

Many people look back on the 60's and purely see drugs, war, and social descent, but it was a period that represented so much more. The 60's was a time of the peace movement, social rebellion and the quest for freedom of expression. The 60's had it's own style that still often appears in todays fashions. 


The Doors

                        The Rolling Stones

Joni Mitchell
The Supremes
Jimi Hendrix

The Beatles           

The Fashion


New York

Music fashion styles


We all have a little sixties in us, we just have to let it come out. 

Present Style:




Sunday, April 22, 2012

Urban Jungle, a vintage check point

Urban Jungle 


118 Knickerbocker St
(between Flushing Ave & Thames St)
BrooklynNY 11237
Neighborhoods: East Williamsburg, Bushwick

Urban Jungle, is a vintage shop located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since it is deep in Brooklyn, it is not well known to people who are not associated with the neighborhood. One could almost call it a hipster paradise. Yet you don't have to be a hipster to enjoy it.  Like many vintage stores, Urban Jungle has a range of styles and caters to all tastes. It is an amazing vintage store, and has amazing prices.  It's an awesome, well kept secret that is worth sharing.  I really recommend visiting it. 

Many finds found in major label stores, could be found at Urban Jungle. In the early 2000's vintage came back into style. In recent years, the economy in the U.S has weakened forcing vintage to make a major comback.  Out of the many trends that have come in and out, I welcome back vintage shops.

Here is a link to google maps for directions: 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My cape - a new find at Dekalb Market

In my backyard in Brooklyn

 I am wearing cape that I got this past weekend, and ever since I have been totally infatuated with capes.  I found the cape at a wonderful new market in Brooklyn: At first glance the market looks like an industrial lot filled with old truck crates, but tucked inside these crates are little boutiques and stores like:
Not all of the stores are my usual style or taste, but I found my cape at the first place that I walked into, so I think the market is definitely worth a look.

I suggest giving the market try, and if you are not interested in clothes or jewelry they have crafts, music and restaurants. It is a delightful place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

The following pictures are from Dekalb Market

Cape crusaders

                                                                Fall Capes 2011


Ever since joining the cape owner community this weekend, I realized how different life has become. Capes are not just a stye, but an attitude.  They bring out the inner hero in you. That's why when buying a cape, make sure it speaks to you. So ladies it's time to dust off your capes and go fight some crime.

Every size and shape, every color and for everyone's sake, please wear a cape. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage copasetic gentleman

Style: urban-vintage 
Stores: Brooklyn Circus-
Flight Club -, and thrift 
Favorite color: Teal 

I feel: that this style is the right combination of a classic gentleman mixed with an urban modern flair. 

Relaxed industrial in Bushwick

Rodam age: 30
From: Clinton Hill
Style: Natural, relaxed, and industrial
Stores: Thrift shops
Favorite color: blue or black
Picture in Bushwick, Brooklyn

I feel: It is relaxed comfortable and sleek, all coming together.